About Us

Kelly Kearns, Photographer, Videographer

Kelly Fell in love with photography at the age of 18. An extrovert by nature,  she purchased her first camera at that time, a Canon AE-1. What began as a hobby, quickly turned into a profession. 

The years while she raised her family were combined with extensive photography work for clients in the New York area. She specializes in elegant, timelss and classic protraits with a sense of ethereal beauty. 

Her education includes a Bachelor of Science from State University of New York, Oswego. She has also taken extensive courses in photography at the Rochester Institute of  Technology.

Kelly brings a keen sense of design as well as perfect photography pitch to all of her video work. Her use of lighting and classic techniques is unparalleled in the GulfCoast area.  

Susan Short


Susan Short hails from the Miami area, where she has been in media related fields for over 20 years. Her experience ranges from television production and talent, radio, classical and jazz and several magazine ventures. She has managed various magazine genres such as luxury Interior Design, travel, Visitor’s Guides, Chamber of Commerce publications and most recently Family. Creativity reigns supreme, and this is obvious as the passion that is the driving force behind Family Beautiful Magazine and Media.

Her unique and varied perspective gels perfectly with the modern, stylish ideal of what families are looking for on the GulfCoast. Never settling for the ordinary, Family Beautiful is a culmination of a view of the beautiful lifestyle of the area as well as what makes the modern family tick. Current and local editorial as well as emphasis on education and culture, previewing new ideas and reviewing traditions, Susan Short is sure to bring that fresh take on the world of family and how the world revolves around it.

Susan is the President of Family Beautiful Media, which is a successful Public Relations, and Social Media agency. 

Why SRQ Film

Our clients not only have the expert video and design team behind them and at their disposal, they also have the golden glove experience. The videos and stories are handled with expertise that is above and beyond what a general photo and video team would offer.